Enghien, Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon, duke d'

   duke of Orléans
   Prince Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon, duke d'Enghien, the oldest son of Louis-Henri-Joseph de Condé and Louise-Marie-Thérèse-Mathilde, the sister of Philippe Egalité, duke of orléans, was born at Chantilly. Educated privately, he joined the army in 1788 and, at the outbreak of the revolution of 1789, emigrated to Ettenheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden, where he joined the royalist forces. He later fought against the revolutionary forces with his grandfather's Army of Condé until 1797. In 1804, Napoléon Bonaparte (napoléon i), suspecting him, probably incorrectly, of being part of a conspiracy against him, had him captured in Baden during the night of March 15-16 and tried before a military tribunal. Although innocent, the duke d'Enghien was condemned and shot on March 21 at vincennes.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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